Scott Morrall

Tri Energy Coach | Club Safeguarding Officer
Endurance Running
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Growing up I was never sporty in fact I’d say I hated exercise and didn’t see the point in it. I started running around 15 years ago to improve my fitness as I was training for my black belt in karate – that’s when I got the bug. I joined my local club and enjoyed both the social side as well as entering races /events. I made the decision early on that I preferred long distance over short sprints and for the last 7 years I’ve been an Ultra marathon runner.

I completed my first 100 mile run in 2014 but I have very little time to train now with my little one and another on the way. My preferred race distance is 50 miles but I’m also happy doing full and half marathons. I love being with others who have a passion for running, cycling or swimming and get immense satisfaction helping / watching people achieve things they didn’t think they could. I often coach the Tri Energy Go Tri Sessions and love getting involved in the Events side of things too.

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100 mile run races
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