Phil Hunt

Tri Energy Kids Coach | RunFit Coach | British Triathlon Level 1 Coach
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Hi I’m Phil, a family man with a passion for sport! I have been racing in cycling and most specifically on the tandem with my cousin, for a number of years, but I’m relatively new to triathlon – especially the swimming! My wife got involved with Tri Energy through their popular running courses and now enjoys her sport far more than she ever thought she would, and I’m hoping that when my 2 children are old enough they’ll come along to the Tri  Energy Kids Sessions ~ I think they’ll love it!

My professional qualifications include: I’m currently working towards my BTF Level 1 Triathlon Coaching Qualification. Coming from a cycling background, I have a lot of strengths in coaching bike training and bike handling skills but it’s the new elements to me of running and swimming that I’m most keen to progress in as a coach. I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with all the children and adults that I coach.

Facts about Phil Hunt -
GBR Duathlete
Duo Normand Winner
1:18 Half-Marathon Runner