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Hi  I’m Katrina. I started running in 2010 when I entered a Cancer Research 5k race for life. I’ll admit at this point in my life I was a 20+ a day smoker and I felt completely ashamed because I had to walk it. This was my turning point! I quit smoking and took up running!

I had to take baby steps to start, building up to 1 mile, but then continued running with friends who talked me into entering the Wyre Forest British Heart Foundation 10k and that was it – after that I was completely hooked! I also discovered my love of Mud Obstacle Runs and going to the gym and I’ve since gone on to compete in half marathons.

My dream was to participate in the London Marathon in memory of my dad who had run the marathon himself twice before he died. After a few years of being unsuccessful I managed to secure a place – that’s when the real hard work began and my love and interest in running became very apparent. I completed the marathon without having to walk or stop once – a girl who used to smoke 20+ a day and lead a very unhealthy lifestyle managed to complete a marathon in under 4 hours 45 minutes! I then went on to run the Gloucester Marathon 3 months later!

I  got tempted by triathlon in 2017 by my husband and 2 close friends – I was introduced to Sam and Tri Energy. The support and encouragement from the team in my quest to learn to swim and ride a bike, showed me that with the right team and coaching I could do anything. I completed my first Sprint Triathlon in September 2017 and I have signed up for the Deva middle distance in 2018.

I not only love running, but the science behind it and the sense of achievement, as no one can do it for you! I still get emotional every time I cross a finish line because it’s a reminder of how far I have come.

Running means so much to me because it has changed my life for the better and this is why I have entered the world of coaching to help others realise their potential. I want to turn the “I can’t do this” to “ I can do this”. I’ve experienced the challenges and I’ve worked through them from the girl that couldn’t run a mile to completing marathons, and I hope that with my experiences I can be an influential part of other people’s running journey.


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