When it’s raining, we’re still training!

Our Buggyfit classes have started and they’ve been a great success! Mums and their babies have been joining me for weekly sessions where we mix up strengthening, toning and cardiovascualr exercises. Despite a few drizzly sessions weather wise that hasn’t stopped us or dampened our enthusiasm….. our moto is when it’s raining we’re still training!

Here’s some tips to help you enjoy an outdoor exercise class in the rain:

  • Ensure you have a waterproof cover for your buggy – baby may not thank you for getting soaked even if you’re loving it!!
  • Layers!  You still get warm in the winter despite the cooler days so it’s always good to be able to take a few layers off rather than overcook!
  • Smile – embrace the wet weather! It blows away the cobwebs and makes you feel refreshed.
  • Have a cuppa – treat yourself afterwards by meeting up with the other Mums for a cup of tea and a natter
  • Carrier bags – despite the 5p charge, it’s always good to have a few in the car for dirty trainers….or to sit on if your bum is particularly wet!

Our classes will continue throughout the winter – it would take snow or ice to stop us! Find out more about our Buggyfit classes on our link

You can also read about us in The Worcester News – we had a fab article on us this week which you can view by clicking on the attachments below!



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  1. Gita

    Do you still run buggy fit classes in Kidderminster area?

    Many thanks

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