The Multi Verse

We are delighted to be working on and supporting the inaugural event of ‘The Multi-verse’ – a multi lap running race. The long and short of it is…..

“You have 4 hours and a 1.15 mile flat track. How many loops will you or your team run?”

Starting at 1pm on Saturday 17th June you or your team are given 4 hours to run as many loops as you can around the flat 1.15 mile track.

Set in the idyllic town of Stourport we are privileged to be able to combine the local Sports Clubs cycle and running track to create the perfect surface for both seasoned and beginner runners, as it’s ideal for those who want to push themselves to their limit with no pesky climbs or mud to slow them down, or for those runners who are there to enjoy a few laps with a team of friends.

So what is it?
The Multi-Verse is a 4 hour timed race where your aim is to complete as many laps of the track as you can within the given time limit.

How Long is the lap?
Using Stourport’s bespoke cycle track and Running Tack for a total distance of 1.15miles.

Why so short?
The route has been especially chosen for everyone from seasoned runners who want to push themselves on a flat fast track, as well as runners who are new to entering events and want achievable goals.

Is there parking?
There is adequate parking around the site so this shouldn’t be a problem.
The location is:
Stourport Sports Club
Stourport On Severn
DY13 8BQ
Tel: 01299 877200

Who can enter?

We have three different categories to choose from

Solo – take the challenge alone (female or male)
Pair – Step up with a friend (female, male, or mixed)
Team – bring a group of 3 – 5 team mates (female, male, or mixed) ***

*** Special note for large teams – up to 2 juniors (16 years and under, minimum 10 years old) are permitted to enter a team of 5 (e.g. 3 adults + 2 juniors, or 3 adults + 1 junior). Juniors are not permitted to run more than 1 lap before having a break – additionally the accompanying parent / guardian is responsible for the junior’s health / safety at all times (please ask for more information).

How much does it cost?
Solo – £17
Pair – £30
Team (3 -5 ) – £40

Can I enter on the day?
Yes, but please arrive no later than 11:15am or you might miss the start.

Where does the race start / finish?
The start / finish and transition area will be situated on the running track (Stourport sports club).

How does the pair / team work.
Each pair / team will be provided with one baton (arm band) which must be worn by the runner on the track. When approaching the end of you lap your team mate will hopefully be waiting in the transition areas to receive the baton and run their lap. The baton can only be handed over to your team mate in the transition area not anywhere else.

Can I Run more than one lap without changing. (pair / teams)
You can run as many laps in succession as you feel able before handing over to your team mate. It’s worth discussing this prior to the event, as you wouldn’t want there to be nobody waiting to take over when your legs are falling off.

What time does it start?
Midday – registration opens
12:45pm – Race briefing, please attend.
1:00pm – Race starts and the 4 hour countdown begins (there’s no stopping it)
5:00pm – Clock stops and the race is over, runners already on the track will be allowed to finish.
5:30pm – Winners of all categories will be announced – please attend an support every runner.

What if I’m late to the start?
Not to worry you are free to start whenever you want, but the race will end at 5pm sharp, you will just need to run a little fast to get all your laps in.

Will there be refreshments ?
We will try to provide enough water for every runner which will be situated by the start / finish transition area. However, we would kindly request that you could bring your own refreshments and running potions as we don’t know what the weather will be like. There is a bar inside the sports club if you want more than water.

Can I bring my own refreshments and support crew?
Absolutely yes, for soloist you can put a table or pitch a tent on the side grass of the runner track so you will be able to just grab items as you pass, for teams / pairs you can do the same but on the outside grass of the runner track.

What if I can’t manage 4 hours?
That’s perfectly fine, this is your event so just stop when you need, take as many breaks as often as you want or just walk a lap if your legs can’t run. If you ask nicely I might give you a piggyback.

Anything else I should know?
Please respect the grounds and other runners, we want this to be a fun event without any issues, do no biting pushing or grappling other runners. Also please take your little home with you or throw it in a bin anyone caught dropping little will have laps taken off their total (for the whole team) so don’t be that person.

To enter the event click here.

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