Wyre Forest Off Road Go Tri Duathlon – Results

Thank you to everyone who joined us today for the Wyre Forest off Road Go Tri Duathlon. All 42 finishers did a fantastic job as they navigated hills, mud, and more hills!!! The course is much harder than you’d first anticipate, especially the second section of the bike course with a long slog back up a never-ending-hill!!

At least half of the field were competing in their first ever duathlon – CONGRATULATIONS! It’s great to welcome you into multisport events and we hope you have caught the bug! Whether you were here to clock a certain time, or a certain position, or just to have a go and complete it – we were very glad to see you on the start line getting stuck in!

Provisional results are included in the table below. Please do drop us an email if you have any queries.  All 42 starters completed the event and we hope you felt proud crossing that finishing line:

Position Bib Number Name Finishing Time
1 46 Lee Monks 40:48:00
2 76 Nick Hooper 41:07:00
3 57 Pablo Requejo 42:54:00
4 59 Phil Jevons 42:55:00
5 41 Graeme Beamish 43:31:00
6 70 Stuart Carr 44:05:00
7 75 Mike Parker 44:32:00
8 68 Sarah Paterson 44:38:00
9 53 Mike Timmington 45:31:00
10 73 Wayne Price 46:07:00
11 39 Gary Short 47:54:00
12 50 Mark Pederson 48:52:00
13 62 Richard Heath 49:13:00
14 63 Richard Spencer 49:33:00
15 54 Neil Leaver 49:41:00
16 71 Terry Morgan 50:12:00
17 37 Cliff Marshall 50:38:00
18 32 Adrian Ford 51:54:00
19 65 Robert Heath 51:57:00
20 55 Nick Hilton 52:24:00
21 51 Matthew Richards 53:22:00
22 58 Peter Krisovic 53:52:00
23 60 Rachel Turner 55:38:00
24 47 Lisa Lyon 55:45:00
25 52 Mike Haddon 56:45:00
26 42 Ilse Larkin 57:14:00
27 35 Carl Larkin 57:15:00
28 43 Jonathan Websdell 58:31:00
29 61 Rachel Whitehead 58:39:00
30 33 Andrew Savage 60:19:00
31 36 Chloe Hammond Oliver 62:11:00
32 40 Gary Stringer 63:56:00
33 34 Andy Brooks 64:17:00
34 48 Lisa Marshall 64:28:00
35 56 Nicola Wright 65:22:00
36 45 Kerry Savage 65:26:00
37 67 Sandra Pederson 65:29:00
38 69 Simon Roberts 65:47:00
39 74 Zoe Stringer 66:07:00
40 66 Sallie Shaw 66:46:00
41 38 David Stringer 68:02:00
42 64 Robert Brasher 68:35:00

As equally amazing as the athletes, are our very encouraging and supportive marshals! Some of them had already been marshalling at Junior Park Run before our event; others had helped set up the course hours in advance and others cheered and supported whilst also entertaining their little ones – a multi-task not to be underestimated! So a big thank you to all of our marshals without whom we wouldn’t be able to hold these events. And a special shout out to some of our Tri Energy Kids members who kept a careful eye on the Haribo at the finisher’s table!

If Carslberg did marshals….

Thank you also to the team at the Forestry Commission who granted us permission to hold this event and to Megan and Richard at the Forest for supporting us in our course design and risk assessment to ensure we could enjoy the beautiful scenic forest alongside other forest users. Be sure to like their Facebook Page to check out any other events, sporting and non sporting, that may be happening.

Photos of the event will follow shortly on our Facebook Page which you can find here. If you enjoyed the event it would be great if you could leave us a review on Facebook. If you didn’t – please drop us an email with your feedback on what we could do better next time.

We’re very much hoping to hold the event again around October/November time so watch this space. In the mean time we do have our Summer Go Tri Duathlon Series at Stourport Sports Club. Entries for these events are already open and you can find out more about these by visiting our website here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Tri Energy, our coaching team, club, sessions, events and what we can offer, why not pop along to our Launch afternoon next month. More information is here or on the flyer below.

We really hope you enjoyed today and thanks so much for taking time out of your weekend to come to support our event. All the best with your training and racing for the forthcoming season and we hope to see you in the not too distant future.

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