Winter Motivation

The clocks going back often signify darker nights, colder weather and the desire to put your onesie on at 4pm and drink tea until it’s late enough to drink wine!! But don’t let the change in seasons knock or waiver your motivation to get fit, stay fit and achieve your racing goals.

This time of year is actually my favourite time of year. There’s a time to be fast and there’s a time to sow the seeds and this time of year is all about planting the seeds that will ripen next year. The hard work you do now really does count towards your fitness levels next year….. winter miles = summer smiles!

So here’s my 5 top tips for keeping those winter blues at bay and staying motivated for the season ahead.

Surround yourself with like minded people! There’s nothing worse than spending your time with mood hoovers (we all know a person that drains you of your energy and positivity). So instead find a bunch of people who are motivated in the same way you are, or who have a common or shared goal or vision. Here at Tri Energy we’re half way through our RunFit programme where we’ve set up a closed facebook group for those on the course. This has been a great way to share ideas, advice, encourage and motivate one another. So set out to find someone who you can buddy up with and make the training enjoyable and sociable as well as hard and worthwhile.

GROUP SESSIONS with Tri Energy

Find a coach. Life is busy enough without the hassle of deciding what training to do and when to do it. To see improvements training should be progressive, but it should also be specific and have an element of overloading with ample recovery to avoid burning out. It can be a minefield! At Tri Energy we have experienced and qualified coaches who can take the guess work out of your training and write bespoke individual training plans tailored just to you! We write programmes for triathlon training and single discipline training packages such as running. Contact us with what you need and we’d be more than happy to help.

Find a spring fitness goal. Having something in mind for the spring will really help you to stay motivated through the summer. It may be a half marathon or your first triathlon, or like one of the ladies we are coaching….your first ironman!!! We’d also encourage you to try something new. Our favourite event in years gone by was The Tandem Triathlon and this year was The Breca SwimRun. So find something that scares you and commit to it.

Little & Often. During the winter months there can be Christmas parties, New Year’s parties, family gatherings….and life just gets generally busy. Don’t stress about lost time, instead adopt the ‘little and often’ approach. So if you don’t have an hour in the evening to do a run, why not half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening….everyone loves a double run day! Or cut your 2 hour bike ride short into a really intense turbo set to help improve that functional threshold power giving you a brilliant workout with time left over.

Explore!! The best thing about training is finding new places. Run off road, dig out the mountain bike and find secret paths and hidden trails to just switch off and enjoy. We’d also recommend on some of these training days leaving your watch at home. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve done or how fast you’ve done it, just enjoy the freedom and the great outdoors!

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