The road to London Marathon – all 26.2 miles of it

An update of Amanda’s training for her marathon debut….

28th January 2020

89 days to go and counting – doesn’t time fly.

Extreme weather situations continue – ice, fog, flooding, but if it’s on the training plan, then it’s trainers on and out of the front door. Long runs are getting longer and  relatively short runs are no more. I was looking back at week 1 of my training plan – it was ‘only’ 15 miles !. Listen to me ‘only 15 miles’ – it seemed a long way back then.  This week, I’m aiming for 31 miles. Still find it hard to believe.

I’ve discovered my long run strategy is called Jeffing. It’s a run/walk strategy made famous by a chap called Jeff – Yes really. Google it and you will discover Jeff Galloway. I will add I do have permission to include walking from my coach. 12 miles covered using this method on Sunday and believe it or not by keeping to a regular pattern ( mine is 8 mins running, 2 mins walking) you don’t lose much time compared with 100% running.

As mileage increases, so does time involved. I’ve also been trying to incorporate Parkrun into my training, by running beforehand and then getting back to Parkrun start for the last 3.1 miles. he other advantage is I get a change of scenery from my normal routes and get some company for 3.1 miles. Last week was also somewhat eventful. Left home 6.30, and started running (by moonlight) just after 7 around Worcester racecourse. Headed  out of the racecourse to run alongside the river, where path was blocked by swans. River had flooded and engulfed the path. Decided against an early morning swim, turned round, over the bridge and down the other side which was passable. As it starts to get light, so the dog walkers come out. A couple of them were chatting. Dogs clearly felt abandoned, so the black labrador decided to come with me! I should add the dog was quicker and soon returned to his owner when he realised I had no dog treats. Got back to parkrun, but had mis-judged mileage, meaning I had another quarter mile to go after the finish. Collected my finish token and carried on to the sounds of shouting marshals…..they thought I was running off with the tokens.  Once my watch ticked over to requisite distance I was able to return and restore the finish token.  An eventful run.

As an asthma sufferer my inhaler is always in my pocket, just in case. Cold damp air affects my breathing (I sound like an old tractor) , which is why I’ve decided to run the marathon in aid of Asthma UK. After all, I may need their assistance on the way round, so better safe than sorry.  Here’s the link to my fundraising page.


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