Teme Leisure Aquathlon Race Report ~ Kelly

Last fortnight we had nearly 20 Tri Energy members taking part in a local aquathlon. This was quite possibly one of the friendliest events we’d ever been to and we would recommend it to anybody! The event consisted of a 400m swim and a rolling 10km run through the lovely town of Ludlow. We asked our athlete Kelly, mum of Lucas & Ellie, to sum up her thoughts and account of the day!

“I decided to enter the Ludlow aquathlon after watching my son, Lucas compete in competitions with TriEnergy Kids over the last 18 months. (I also had gentle persuasion from a couple of my running buddies).  This time last year I couldn’t even run a mile! I joined TriEnergy in September and completed the 10KM graduation run just before Christmas. This gave me the confidence I needed.

In order to prepare for the event I continued to run with TriEnergy on a Monday evening, I followed the homework set by Sam and Emily and had a few long runs with my sister and running buddy Aneka. I was kindly given the opportunity as part of the TriEnergy team to go and run the course around Ludlow. I was really impressed with the route (not as many hills as I had anticipated and the views were stunning).

I also attended a free swimming session through TriEnergy to enhance my swimming skills. The advice given was fantastic, my stroke improved as did my times.

On the day of the event I arrived feeling a little apprehensive as I’d never done anything like this before. My husband and children came to cheer me on armed with banners for team Tri Energy. I was lucky enough to be in the same wave as two of our team which helped ease the nerves. The swim went well (exactly how I had planned in my mind, although two minutes slower!) Transition was COLD! I remember running out of the Leisure center and the cold air hitting me like a slap in the face! It was a bit of a shock as it was sunny when I set up my transition station. The transition went relatively smoothly and I was off!


kelly 2

The first 6KM were hard going. I found it really hard to keep my legs moving. I took it very steady, enjoyed the wonderful views and ate a few jelly babies until I was able to increase my effort. The other competitors were encouraging along the route and it was great to run alongside other TriEnergy runners at various points of the course. As beautiful as the views were I was glad to reach the school grounds to complete my last kilometer. My family and fellow TriEnergy friends were there to support me over the finish line.

kelly 3

The overall experience was fantastic and I would definitely do another, however I don’t think the experience would’ve been the same without the team spirt of TriEnergy, the children cheering me on and the sound of Sam’s hooter! – and to think I couldn’t run at all last year – what an achievement!!”


And it wouldn’t be a complete report without son Lucas’s input too:

“The night before the event my sister and I made some wonderful posters. I enjoyed waving them in the air and cheering for TriEnergy, we were the only people cheering by the poolside for the whole club. After the swim I watched my Mom set off like a rocket and watched everyone else come in from their swims, I most enjoyed guessing which TriEnergy athlete was swimming in each race.

Everyone had a great finish to their runs but I was most impressed with Sam as she did an amazing sprint finish. It was great to run alongside Sam, honking her horn at her to make her run faster!”


If like Kelly, you’re looking for a challenge and would like to take part in an aquathlon, duathlon or triathlon contact us to get involved in our growing #trienergycommunity


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  1. Lee Hassan

    Really pleased everyone at Tri Energy enjoyed the aquathlon and it was fantastic to be able to welcome you all at our event. There was some great synergy between Tri Energy and Teme Leisure Tri and we can’t wait to see you all again at other events, hopefully our Ludlow Sprint Triathlon in September and definitely next year at the Teme Leisure Aquathlon!

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