Negative Split Running

A note from Coach Trina…..

A negative split means you run the second half of your run session/race faster than your first, or each mile quicker (even by just a small amount) as you progress through the session/race.

A negative split enables you to pick up the pace as your run progresses. Most runners start off too fast, do their best to maintain that pace, and nearly always end up ‘shuffling’ and in a defeated state at the end of the run!

A negative split strategy gives your body time to warm up, after several miles at a challenging but doable pace, your muscles are more pliable and your joints more lubricated enabling you to build the necessary foundation for a strong finish.

Your lactate threshold is the point at which you are working so hard, your body cannot keep up with the necessary removal of waste produced by working muscles. Simply put – waste is being produced faster than it can be metabolized, and your body has no choice but to slow down or stop. If you go all out in a run session or race, you reach this point early on and your only choice is to slog through to the end. When you perform a negative split, you hold back on your speed in the beginning so you have the ability to push your threshold at the end for the final surge…. You know how I love and encourage a strong sprint finish!


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