May Athletes of the Month ~ Pauline, Aneka & Bonnie

The month of May has seen more PBs, triathlon debuts, more enthusiastic triathletes joining the Tri Energy community and so on – which made it rather difficult to choose an athlete of the month! However, we think that starting in one of our RunFit groups last July – running for just 60 seconds at a time, and then completing the Worcester Half Marathon just 10 months later is pretty awesome….and that’s exactly what Aneka, Bonnie and Pauline did! Our Terrific Trio tell us here of their journey from couch to 5k.

Getting started with running….

Pauline and Bonnie were both playing netball together when they saw a flyer for Tri Energy’s couch to 5km RunFit course that started in July 2016. They decided to sign up together and the rest, as they say….is history!

Aneka’s journey was slightly different “It all stemmed from Buggyfit where I met Sam who makes everyone she meets believe in themselves. So one evening when the kids went to bed, I put on my trainers and went for a run. And that’s where the story began, from a powerwalk to 12 months later a half marathon!”


How did Tri Energy help you towards your goals?

Pauline: “Sam and Emily were always very supportive. They kept me going when I felt like giving up.”

Bonnie: “Once I reached my 5k I was pushed to the next stage of 10k where Tri Energy were there every week to encourage me.”

Aneka: “Tri Energy gave me the enthusiasm to continue running. I was encouraged to take part in events such as duathlons and it made me realise you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself and give it a go. It also showed me the fun of running and enabled me to become part of a like minded community”

Now there’s no stopping them! Here’s what a typical training week looks like:

Pauline:  Run or cycle 3 times a week, swim once a week between 13-20 lengths, plenty of walking, Turbo training with Jamie Jenkins of Success Cycling, dog walking twice a week

Bonnie: 40 minute run on a Tuesday, 30 minute run on a Wednesday, 45 minute swim on a Friday, a long run of 6-10 miles on a Sunday

Aneka: Running 3 x a week, swim once a week, a hell of a lot of walking,  I now have a bike and I’m relying on Tri Energy to help me on my cycling journey!

What’s your proudest sporting achievement to date?

Pauline: “Running my first mile at Burlish Top as part of the RunFit course.”

Bonnie: “Crossing the finish line at the Worcester Half Marathon Worcester”

Aneka: “My half marathon! A moment I never thought I would achieve even after entering. I have only been running for 12 months and at the Worcester half marathon I felt like I could conquer the world! From a school girl who hated sport, dodged cross country to now willing to give anything a go! No fear of failure. Taking part is always an achievement”



The challenges continue!

Pauline has lots of events lined up with two 10k runs and another half-marathon in Gloucester. She’s also enjoying volunteering at the local Wyre Forest Park Run and has even signed up with Bonnie to take part in the Tri Energy Go Tri Duathlon as a relay.

Bonnie’s next challenges are mostly running focussed where she will also be running the Gloucester half marathon, Severn Valley 10k, Ludlow 10k and Worcester city half marathon.

Aneka is aiming to do a running coaching course which will enable her to join the Tri Energy team of coaches! She’d also love to compete in a triathlon one day.

Finally, we asked our Terrific Trio what would they say to anyone else thinking of taking up running?

Pauline: “Have a go and enjoy it. Don’t beat yourself up over speed. My motto is”sloth team – I’ll get there when I get there.” I have really enjoyed the experience and it has helped with my asthma and my anxiety; I feel so much better for it. Team Tri-Energy rocks!”

Bonnie: “If I can do it anyone can! From doing nothing at all to where I am today in 10 months is amazing! Go for it! It’s the best thing I have ever done – I just wished I had taken it up years ago.”

Aneka: “Don’t hesitate – just do it! Running has opened up so many doors for me. The most important thing is life balance, it is my guilty pleasure away from my family life where I can be me. It’s a great stress relief and has given me so much self confidence. My only regret is I didn’t start sooner!”

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