January athlete of the month ~ Susie

Our growing Tri Energy Community based in the Worcestershire & Wyre Forest area (and also online and beyond!) is an encouraging, friendly and supportive network offering real coaching for real people. We’ve persuaded hundreds of people to go beyond their comfort zone and step into the world of multi-sport racing! To show and celebrate the diversity of our group we would like to feature a member each month outlining their sporting journey so far.

For our inaugural feature we contacted Susie who found it hilarious at the thought of being referred to as an ‘athlete’.  Susie first got involved with Tri Energy when on maternity leave with her second baby.  Wanting to shift the last of her baby weight Susie signed up for our Mumfit Classes, and from there she was eventually persuaded (with a gentle nudge!) to sign up to our Go Tri Aquathlon last October. We caught up with Susie on how she finds time to pound the pavements as a busy Mum of two and what events she’s got coming up next.


“Have you always been sporty?”
Not at all! I always enjoyed swimming, and things like skiing and horse-riding, but hated team sports and couldn’t bear running. My husband signed me up to a 10km run about 7 years ago, and while I was proud to have done it, I was literally the last person to finish! It’s just been in the last year or so that I’ve come to like, then love running. I recently put a post on the Tri Energy Facebook group for a running partner and I have met a really lovely lady who I run with every weekend – it’s genuinely a highlight of my week.


“What do you love the most about keeping fit, running etc?”
It’s my time. I have two small children, I work as a primary school teacher and it’s hard to find any time for yourself apart from a couple of exhausted hours on the sofa after the kids are in bed. Running is free, it’s healthy and it feels great.


“How do you balance training with being a busy working mum?”
I go out early in the morning at the weekend. I meet my running partner at 8 am, we run for about 45 minutes and by the time I get back my husband and kids have just finished breakfast. It means that I don’t miss out on any family time and my husband doesn’t have to take care of the kids by himself for too long. Plus, it’s such an energising start to the weekend, I love it!


“What fitness goals do you have for this year?”
I’m doing a 10 km in March, which I’m really looking forward to, and I’d really like to do a half marathon later in the year – we’ll see!


“Do you have any advice to people thinking about joining the Tri Energy Community?”
It’s genuinely changed my life. Coach Sami is the most awesome, inspiring person, whose love for anything sporty is infectious. I never thought I’d ever enjoy any sport, let alone running, but it’s become not just a hobby, but a passion. My advice to anyone thinking of getting involved would be: just do it! (where have I heard that before?!) Tri Energy offers small, achievable goals that boost your self confidence and give you a hunger for more!

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