Written by club member Dawn Didlick

My husband & I recently took part in our first Interclub Team Relay Triathlon between Tri Energy & Teme Leisure Tri aptly named “Legends in Lycra”. It took place at Teme Leisure Centre & was brilliantly organised by Lee (Teme Leisure Tri Founder) & supported by Sam (Tri Energy Founder). All club members had been invited to take part regardless of experience or ability; it was great to see 33 of us from the club all having a go!

I’d never done anything like this before so was a bit apprehensive about what to expect but it was great fun and great to get a few butterflies in the tummy being on a ‘start line’! There were 15 teams of 4 in total, all put together by our club founders. So we were not only competing against Teme Leisure but also against members of our own club. My husband, also a member of Tri Energy, chose to race against me so as you can imagine there was some good banter throughout the day. The team names were each named over their Team Captains, I was on team “Hunting you down” (named after captain Zoe Hunt) and so that also provided a little giggle, seeing all the teams chanting and whooping their team names and members!

The teams were all mixed abilities, some people were new to triathlon (this was only my second ever Tri!!!) and some had more experience; but everyone was so encouraging of each other and it was a great way to get a ‘taste’ for what a Tri is all about.  The relay option meant that even if you couldn’t swim, run or ride a bike you could still take part as another member of your team could do that section for you.


The distances were small (100M swim, 10K bike, 1.5K run) making it a very doable event for everyone; although I must say sometimes the shorter distances are harder as everything was eyeballs out!

Unfortunately the weather was not on our side but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the teams, everyone was really friendly & supportive.

All of the teams were timed as a whole & the final results given out at the end of the day….the tension as the times were read out was funny….had I beaten my hubby? I was in a fabulous team with a determined Mum, a 1:20 half marathon runner and an Ironman….but we had managed to go the wrong way once and get a puncture so I wasn’t sure how we were doing! Each of the teams ran across the finish line together, it was great to see that sort of camaraderie! And, despite my husbands best efforts to sabotage my race (see photo below) I still managed to beat him! Bring on the next event!


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  1. Pauline Smith

    Fantastic reading. Bring on next one. Will just need someone to swim for mexxx

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