Go Tri Duathlon Series Race 2 – Results

A huge well done to all of the competitors who took part in Event 2 of our Summer Duathlon Series – what a hot evening it was! The sun was shining and I’m sure you’ll agree there was a fabulously friendly atmosphere on the night. Some of you were back to race for the top spots, whilst others had their own personal challenges in completing the cycle section or counting to 7 laps, and some joined us for the very first time. Whatever your goals, we hope you achieved them and that you enjoyed the event.


It was our youngest competitors that kicked off the evenings races with their fast and furious events. In the under 10s race the top spot went to Luke O’Hara, closely followed by Alice Smith and completing the podium was Ozzy Beswick Well done to everyone who raced including all of our first timers – we think it’s really brave of you rocking up and giving this a go having never tried it before. So well done! Also a big well done and thank you to the children from Tri Energy Kids, it’s always nice to see them supporting the club events and some of them even managed to rope their parents into taking part too…Thank you Alice, Maddy, Ozzy and Rory.

Next up was the junior event for 11-14 year olds where it was Aimee Lane, who finished 4th in the event last month, who ran to a clear victory looking really strong throughout the whole race. Super work Aimee! Not far behind was Malarchy Clarke and making his debut in the world of duathlon was Joe Gibbs in 3rd place. Again, well done to all of our first timers and thank you to Tri Energy Kids stars Lucas, Jacob and Ozzy (again!!) for supporting the event.


Finally, with the sun now beating a little harder – it was time for the adults event! It was Brett Fox, donning his new Tri Energy trisuit, that got a clear lead on the first run with no Joe Dyer or Dan Kimber this time round to push him. A small group were all in the mix for second and third place and it needed strong bike legs from Rhys Jones and Nick Blackham to separate these from the group to come home in 2nd and 3rd place respectively, with Brett crossing the line in first over a minute ahead. In the ladies event it was a case of history repeating itself with Aoibh Clark and Kate O’Hara in first and second place just like event 1, both having excellent races. With third placed athlete from Event 1 Lorna Broadway now sidelined to be chief supporter in this event due to a cycling accident last week (get well soon Lorna) the battle was on for third placed female and it was Faye Hopkins who managed to take the last step of the podium.

The current series leaders are looking like this

Male Series Leaders:

First – Brett Fox (2nd and 1st)

Joint Second – Craig Collins (5th and 7th) and Dave Bullock (6th and 6th)

Third – Dave Hughes (8th and 5th)

Female Series Leaders:

First – Aoibh Clarke (1st and 1st)

Second – Kate O’Hara (2nd and 2nd)

Third – Faye Hopkins (4th and 3rd)


But it wasn’t just those leading the event who had super performances. There were so many of you (Phil, John, Catherine, Dawn, Andrew, Anthony to name a few…) who joined a Tri Energy event for the first time ever and all did brilliantly, Heidi completed the whole bike section this time too, something which she hadn’t managed to do in the last event so that’s a super improvement and Katrina managed to cycle further than just to the end of her cul-de-sac and back after a gentle nudge from her chief supporter, finance Bod! We’re really chuffed for each and every one of you, whatever your story and background – it was brilliant to see you all cross the finish line!

There were some huge improvements from race 1, the biggest of all the improvements goes to Matt Hiscock – well done!

The final event in the series is on Wednesday 2nd August. Please can we encourage adults to sign up for this event online as last night’s event was SOLD OUT so we don’t want  you to be disappointed if you turn up on the night and all the spaces have gone. The link to online entry is here. Those that missed event 1 and 2 are still very welcome to join us for event 3. No prior duathlon experience is necessary; we welcome all abilities – so do come along and get involved, we’ll show you the ropes and support you every step of the way to that finish line!

Finally, we have a free to join triathlon team with lots of exciting things coming up. Why not get involved and be a part of it. Sign up here.


A full list of results below:


Junior under 10s

Position Name Time
1 Luka O’Hara 05:08.31
2 Alice Smith 05:11.02
3 Ozzy Beswick 05:12.21
4 Rory Fudge 05:22.16
5 Maddy Andrews 05:46.55
6 Flora Middleton 06:16.86
7 Annabel Murrary 08:19.91



Junior 11-14

Position Name Time
1 Aimee Lane 18:24.13
2 Malachy Clarke 19:47.24
3 Joe Gibbs 20:24.84
4 Jacob Amies 20:55.95
5 Lucas Dusconi 23:00.97
6 Ozzy Beswick 24:45.91
7 Matthew Kimber 31:17.13
8 Jake Good 32:05.16


Position First name Last name Time
1 Brett Fox 24:50.63
2 Rhy Jones 25:51.57
3 Nick Blackham 26:04.74
4 Tom Broadway 27:30.35
5 Craig Collier 27:36.19
6 David Bullock 27:45.13
7 Aoibh Clarke 28:24.95
8 Dave Hughes 28:24.95
9 David Brown 28:54.11
10 Steve Smith 29:07.19
11 Mark Hawkins 29:39.45
12 Stephen Docker 29:41.50
13 Mark Sprawson 29:45.97
14 Matt Hiscock 29:55.90
15 Graham Good 30:21.88
16 Kate O’Hara 30:26.26
17 Kevin Webb 30:28.74
18 Nick Harrison 31:31.79
19 Heidi Worth* 31:54.67
20 Faye Hopkins 33:03.64
21 Matt Smith 33:12.56
22 Jude Fudge 33:44.75
23 Amy Smith 34:04.13
24 Kara Tranter 34:27.88
25 Simon Mason 34:38.26
26 Dawn Didlick 35:02.71
27 Simon Richards 35:18.65
28 Anthony Carr 35:27.85
29 Katrina Parton 35:40.24
30 Glen Batchelor 36:16.65
31 Pauline Smith 37:31.07
32 Andrew Burrows 37:56.46
33 Ian Taylor 38:08.32
34 John Stroulger 38:23.00
35 Charlotte Swain 38:32.59
36 Catherine Mullen 38:43.17
37 Cat Andrews 38:54.12
38 James Tippins 39:03.11
39 Diane Boros 39:05.24
40 Kirsty Pinchin 40:02.53
41 Dawn Wallis 40:03.26
42 Amy Taylor 40:09.85
43 Claire Stannett 42:08.10
44 Phil Dolphin 45:39.72

*not full distance

See you all next month!

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