Go Tri Duathlon Series Race 1 – Results

What a brilliant turnout for the first event in the Go Tri Summer Duathlon Series! With 9 children in the Under 10s event, 11 in the junior event and 40 in the adults event –  it’ll take more than a bit of rain to put you guys off! The evening provided a brilliant atmosphere with a real sense of accomplishment for all who crossed the finish line.

The racing was kicked off by the smallest of competitors who took on a fast and frantic course that finished in just a 200m sprint! The race was won by Darcy Clarke who finished just 4 seconds ahead of George Vaughn who in turn was just 2 seconds ahead of third placed Luke O’Hara. Some of the children were making their very first appearance in a duathlon event and they all did fabulously. This event also saw 4 children compete from Tri Energy Kids (Alice, Maddy, Amy and Lily) who were making the most of the ‘home’ advantage and all finished with really strong finishes – well done to them all.

Next up was the junior event for 11-14 year olds where the competition was amazing as we were joined by some children who compete in the West Midlands Triathlon Academy. They made light work of the 4 laps on the bike before they battled it out on the run track for final positions. It was Daniel Galloway home first, closely followed by James Vaughn with Jodie Ruane completing the podium just 2 seconds ahead of Aimee Lane. Tri Energy Kids youngsters Lucas and Jacob also had fabulous races with many more years left in this age category! A big shout out to all of the children who took part in a multisport event for the first time; their determination and enjoyment as they ran into the finish was brilliant!

Finally, with the rain now pouring a little more – it was time for the adults event! It was Tri Energy Kids star Dan Kimber who led after the first run, closely followed by American Brett Fox with a small group just behind him. It was excellent to see some of our RunFit athletes taking part here too, having recently completed a couch to 5k course they’re now swallowing up the tarmac with enough energy left to bike and then run again which we’re sure you’ll agree is an amazing accomplishment. The leaders battled it out on the bike section with uber cyclist Shaun Hickinbottom taking to the front but unfortunately coming in a lap too soon. So it was Joe Dyer who was the first to complete the 7 laps on the bike and he then extended his lead over Brett to finish first. Third placed athlete was Steve Caldicott. In the female event it was a clear win for Aoibh Clark with Kata O’Hara in second and Lorna Broadway completing the podium in her first ever duathlon. There were so many smiles from the competitors as they cheered each other on and put their transition practice into good work – it was great to see.

Go Tri’s by their very nature are all about enjoying the experience and having fun; and we were really impressed by every single competitor that crossed the finish line!

So now it’s a few weeks off before our free training starts again for Event 2 of the series which will take place on Wednesday 5th July. Those that missed event 1 are still very welcome to join us for event 2. No prior duathlon experience is necessary; we welcome all abilities – so do come along and get involved, we’ll show you the ropes and support you every step of the way to that finish line!


A full list of results below:


Junior under 10s

First Name Last Name Race Entered Race Number Finish Time
Darcy Clarke Junior Race 8-10 14 0:04:23
George Vaughn Junior Race 8-10 35 0:04:27
Luka O’Hara Junior Race 8-10 80 0:04:29
Alice Smith Junior Race 8-10 17 0:04:45
Maddy Andrews Junior Race 8-10 55 0:05:00
Zach McGarry Junior Race 8-10 92 0:05:10
Amy Hawkes Junior Race 8-10 79 0:05:18
Martha Sidaway Junior Race 8-10 2 0:05:20
Lily Stanesby Junior Race 8-10 15 0:05:51


Junior 11-14

First Name Last Name Race Entered Race Number Finish Time
Daniel Galloway Junior Race 11-14 51 0:17:13
James Vaughn Junior Race 11-14 21 0:18:04
Jodie Ruane Junior Race 11-14 69 0:18:18
Aimee Lane Junior Race 11-14 8 0:18:20
Lorcan clarke Junior Race 11-14 58 0:19:13
Malachy clarke Junior Race 11-14 59 0:20:22
Jacob Amies Junior Race 11-14 10 0:20:44
Luke Smith Junior Race 11-14 60 0:21:17
Lucas Dusconi Junior Race 11-14 36 0:22:14
Jake Good Junior Race 11-14 53 0:25:45
Laptin Gitner Junior Race 11-14 81 0:29:30



First Name Last Name Race Entered Race Number Finish Time
Joe Dyer Adult Race 72 0:26:49
Brett Fox Adult Race 67 0:27:01
Steve Coldicott Adult Race 89 0:27:48
Daniel Kimber Adult Race 76 0:27:57
Dave Hughes Adult Race 90 0:28:09
David Bullock Adult Race 65 0:28:11
Craig Collier Adult Race 73 0:28:53
David Brown Adult Race 79 0:30:39
Steve Smith Adult Race 64 0:30:42
Mark Sprawson Adult Race 96 0:30:43
Graham Good Adult Race 54 0:30:47
Aoibh Clarke Adult Race 57 0:31:33
Terry Andrews Adult Race 75 0:31:35
Mark Zikking Adult Race 88 0:31:52
Kate O’Hara Adult Race 71 0:32:08
Nick Harrison Adult Race 95 0:33:00
Lorna Broadway Adult Race 66 0:33:01
Faye Hopkins Adult Race 55 0:33:28
James Harrison Adult Race 52 0:33:48
Simon Richards Adult Race 91 0:34:17
Nicola Bullock Adult Race 68 0:35:23
Kara Tranter Adult Race 77 0:35:56
Joanne Watson Adult Race 78 0:36:18
Jen Smithson Adult Race 94 0:37:02
Amy Smith Adult Race 50 0:37:15
Theresa Gitner Adult Race 82 0:37:17
Benjamin Roper Adult Race 74 0:37:45
Diane Boros Adult Race 61 0:38:41
Matt Hiscock Adult Race 62 0:38:41
Gill Jones Adult Race 70 0:39:18
Pauline Smith Adult Race 86 0:39:21
Ian Taylor Adult Race 83 0:39:33
James Tippins Adult Race 56 0:40:20
karen maiden Adult Race 80 0:42:18
Sallie Shaw Adult Race 92 0:42:53
Stephanie Stanesby Adult Race 63 0:48:35
Shaun Hickinbottom Adult Race 93 00:24:49*
Chris Kimber Adult Race 84 00:34:38*
Heidi Worth Adult Race 85 00:41:19*
Symantha Frewen Adult Race DNS
Maxine Melson Adult Race DNS
Paul Morris Adult Race DNS
Karen Moseley Adult Race DNS
Joanne Scattergood Adult Race DNS
Sue Sowden-Munn Adult Race DNS
Charlotte Swain Adult Race DNS


  1. Theresa Gitner

    Great race despite the weather! We entered last minute and son Lap-Tin Gitner, actually ran the adult race although his results has been put into junior. 8th/40, over the moon, after winning his first triathlon the weekend before (and his second the weekend after!) .

  2. Theresa Gitner

    Great race despite weather! My son Lap-Tin Gitner (entered in the juniors) actually ran in the adult race, finishing 8th out of 40 competitors, less than 3 mins behind the winner, so over the moon. Looking forward to the next leg…..

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