Frosty February Race Reports

It’s still only February but who’d have thought some Tri Energy athletes would be donning their trisuits and braving the elements already to compete in local races! Grab yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit or two and get a whole load of inspiration from Ian and Faye who raced in the Lakeside Duathlon and Tewkesbury Aquathlon:

Lakeside Duathlon – Ian Taylor

This was my first race of 2017 – typical it was on a cold & wet morning! I was taking on the first Duathlon race of the season at Worcester campus (formally Top Barn). There were about 150 athletes including elites like Jodie Stimpson and GB age groupers so it was an amazing field!  The run was two laps around the lake and surrounding fields on a slippy  and boggy course. I had to watch my footing as it was really tough in places (where I ended up having one of my trainers coming of in the mud) and I had Sam’s words of wisdom in minded “Don’t try and keep up with the front runner – run your own race”. I was thankful for listening to this by the time I got to the second lap.

After the run I headed straight out onto bike course which headed out towards Great Whitley and then turned off down country lanes before heading towards Martley.  There were a few straight sections for a bit of a recovery before hitting the hills on the course which was tough!!!  After Martley we carried on through Lower BroadHeath before heading back t hallow then back towards Top Barn before the final lap of the run. The bike course was very well marked out and marshalled.

Once off the bike it was straight back out onto the run course where my legs felt like lead weights!! I managed to get round it and thoroughly enjoyed the event – I’d definitely do this one again next year!

Well done Ian! For details on other events similar to this organised by Pulse Pursuits please click here



Tewkesbury Aquathlon – Faye Hopkins

I entered the Tewkesbury Aquathlon Race 2 a few weeks back. Looking at my diary I had a spare Sunday, yes it was the day after returning from a Skiing holiday but I thought what the heck. It will be fine and it will be productive as well. I would have eaten too much and drank far too much beer the days before and needed to get back into some hard training.
Least to say the cold of the mountains I would have much preferred! The cold and wet don’t really mix as well as beer and snow. The temperature must have been around 2 degrees but I was determined to give it my best shot.
The pool was 20m and so 20 lengths needed to be done to get me to 400m. The starters and counters were all very friendly and with two lengths to go they wave a float in front of your face and shout at your rather loudly so you don’t do more than you should (which I admit to doing before in a race!).
Getting out of the pool is sometimes a spectacle!  No-one really cares how you get out the pool as long as you do! Beached whale, sea lion rolling around on your belly….. who cares! You then exit out of the fire exit bare foot and run into transition. I personally hate running over car parks –  the little stones can be rather annoying. Once I was in transition I gave my feet a quick rub down with a towel to get rid of the stones and got my trainers on (no socks will give you a quicker transition time). Then I had to get my fleeced hoodie on and some gloves or else I think I would have shivered to death.
Then it was all about getting cracking on the run. 4 laps of 1250m to get your 5km done. On the first lap my legs were very very cold but I was beaming with determination and I started to warm up. When you race it’s always nice that others give you positive comments, even if they are over taking you. I think my last lap was the fastest as I got warmer and warmer. The officials gave me a wrist band for each of my laps so they could keep an eye on how many I’d done before cheering me on to the finish line.
I finished in a respectful time and was glad I’d actually done it. Then to all of our horror – the female competitors has no hot water for a hot shower!!!! It was rather a brisk dry off with the towel and a quick change into warm clothes.
Hopefully the rest of my season will be some what hotter and sunnier! I will be at race 3 in March if any of you wish to join me.
Well done Faye! Sounds like some rather cold and icy conditions! If you’d like to enter any races similar to this or join Faye for Race 3 click here

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