Chase Water Aquathlon – Race Report by Jac Winter-Dwyers

Race Report Chase Water Open Water Swimming Aquathon 08-07-17 (A.K.A Diary thoughts of an aquathon newbie)

So at 06:50 this Saturday I was picked up by Sam, her mum and the lovely Bobster (in the back seat next to me) and off we set in the lovely sunshine to my first ever aquathon!! The sat-nav was great and got us straight there (if only the same could be said for the return trip but that is another story!) with plenty of time for us to register and meet the organisers of the Chase Open Water event and they were such a lovely and supportive crew! They talked us through the event, showed us the showers and café and even highlighted the bacon sandwiches!!

Jan, Brett and Tom soon joined us and there was an excellent display of Tri-Energy tri suits going on.  I spent the obligatory too long getting my wet suit on and nearly missed the pre-swim photo but I made it! A clear briefing was given to all (400m swim, 750m swim and 5k run) and the organisers made sure everyone knew what they were doing. They were especially supportive to me – one of only 6 people doing the 400m swim – to be sure we knew what we were doing.

The swim came and went in a blur and suddenly I was stripping off my wetsuit in the transition area (never did find my goggles) then Sam was next to me….and gone in a flash! (I had curly lace envy at this point!) Then off I ran – comfortable now – this is what I do well –  the running bit – to complete a most beautiful and scenic 5k run around the lake. I saw Sam’s bottom for a while; then it was gone, then I heard ‘Hey, Tri-Energy, How ya doing?’ and Brett sprinted past me, then Tom (“how far ahead of me is Brett??”) went past too. Suddenly the finish line was in sight and I sprinted over to get a well-earned medal … Hoorah I have done it!!! Jan followed me in soon after and we all look suitably proud of ourselves in the post event photo shoot!!!

So – overall – what did I learn?

This is a lovely event for a first timer – lovely organisers – felt really safe and secure for a first go – I would recommend it

The Tri-Energy team are really supportive and fab to do this with – thank you

I will do this event again in September if I can

I hope to be able to support some-one else who is as scared as I was to give it a go because I loved it

Brett, Tom and Sam are a tad competitive!!!!



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  1. Tom

    You rocked it! And a great write up too. Here is to the next one!

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