Celebrities who run triathlons

Celebrities Who Run Triathlons


Undertaking a triathlon is a daunting prospect. One major factor why people are reluctant to attempt such a feat is the time required to train. In this post we look at 3 celebrities who fit triathlons into their busy schedules and hope that they will inspire you.

Mel C


The former Spice Girl has discovered a love of triathlons. The Independent reported that in 2016 she completed the Blenheim Palace Triathlon to raise money for the blood cancer charity Bloodwise. The Blenheim Palace triathlon is a 750-metre swim, 20km bike ride, and 5km run.

Speaking to the newspaper the former pop star said: “It’s been an absolute delight to be here supporting Bloodwise in raising awareness of the great work they do for blood cancer patients. The atmosphere was something really special and gave me a real boost.”

Mel C has run several triathlons for charity including the Shock Absorber Women Only Charity in 2013.

Chris Pratt


The Guardians of Galaxy star has become a fitness legend in recent years. His transformation and weight loss to get into superhero shape dispelled the myth that a Hollywood body is only achievable to the lucky few. In 2015, Pratt ran a triathlon in support of a Navy Seal who was severely wounded in 2007.

The actor spoke to about his triathlon experience. Pratt recounted how he was underprepared for the swimming section by not doing enough open-water swimming in his training. He found the swimming tougher than he had expected. He made no bones about how much time and hard work it takes to get into shape. His advice to people looking to take part in a triathlon is to buy your partner a present, “the time consumption factor was something I didn’t quite expect.”

Chris Pratt’s next film will be Jurassic World 2, the follow up to the highly successful Jurassic World. Anticipation for the film is already building up with entertainment outlet Slingo promoting the franchise through their Jurassic World slot game. And other iterations of the film will be launched in the lead up to what most are expecting will be a huge box office hit.

Pratt has continued to maintain his fitness levels and we are sure it is only a matter of time before he attempts another triathlon. After he has finished fighting dinosaurs of course.

Gordon Ramsay


The celebrity chef has become a fitness fanatic since running his first marathon in 2001. He has run marathons, ultra marathons, half Ironmans, and the world’s toughest Ironman in Hawaii.

Like Chris Pratt, Ramsay has learned that he needs to work on areas to improve his triathlons. In an interview with, the chef admitted that fuel was his problem during triathlons. He told the site “I sort of ate when I was hungry as opposed to regulating it every half an hour. Now I’ll go on six-hour rides from here to Oxford and I do every 20 minutes, a bite.”

The chef who is famous for his gastronomic cuisine also talked about his diet. “Eating-wise, I’ve cut down the dairy. Lots of unsweetened almond milk… I’ve been feeling a lot sharper having cut the dairy out. I’ve been focusing on protein, and eating, four times a day.”


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