Athlete of the Month ~ Claire Hubble

July’s athlete of the month goes to the very talented Claire Hubble! We caught up with Claire to find out about her journey so far and how she got hooked by triathlon.
“So I joined Tri Energy to get me through the winter months, I’d heard good things about the club from friends and wanted to improve my running. To start with running was a way of shedding a few pounds ready for an abroad holiday back in 2015, I used the c25k app, thinking I’ll never stick at this but I loved it and have never looked back! I’ve ran marathons, ultra marathons 10&5k’s something I never even thought was possible after having the children. Running has made me mentally strong helping me cope with all kinds of challenges. At the moment my inspiration is definitely raising money for CRUK, my uncle was having treatment around Christmas time last year and he’s such a positive gentle kind man we made a pact to keep us both focused. Hence my first aquathlon in Feb at Ludlow. He inspires me to try new things, swimming wasn’t new to me but front crawl was! I felt amazing the first time I swam a length in front crawl; the encouragement from the club made me gleam with excitement from inside and I knew this was for me. Then came the bike….a lucky  find and my new bestie! Again another challenge but an awesome one. Then, oops a triathlon got booked sooner than I’d liked but my hubby encouraged me to book this one and supported me all the way.
I was injured after all the long distance running last year so my physic suggested dropping back into the couch to 5k group with Coach Trina to correct my running form.  She was fab, and after those 10 weeks I was so much better, then I did the improvers group and running became faster and more efficient for me.  I then decided to join Tri Energy for some swimming. Kara helped me with the bike – my first ride was on my heavy pink mountain bike, but that didn’t matter the seed got planted to try it and see what happens. Now I love bike and swim more than running!! I can remember saying to the coaches that I’d never want to do a triathlon 🙈🤔
My friends and family can see the positive effect that my fitness has had on my life and they all encourage me to stick at it and do well. I think they are proud of me and that feeling is amazing. Inspiring others to join and have a go is great too. My training partner (Julie) and I will be friends forever – we lift each other in our training and that’s so important.
I also love seeing other members of the club progress on our members Facebook group, watching their progress inspires me too! As for my next goal….. erm after the next 2 triathlons I’ll let you know 🤔💖
Well done Claire! We’re so proud of you and will be watching this space for what’s next!

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