Athlete of the Month ~ Amanda

We are delighted to announce that our athlete of the month is Amanda Talbot. Amanda is an incredibly popular member of our club and provides huge inspiration to our other members. We caught up with Amanda to find about her journey so far…


How did you first get involved with Tri Energy ?

For many years I did spin and circuit training with Deane Hart on a Saturday morning. He stopped doing Saturday classes, and unfortunately non of the other instructors inspired or motivated me as he did.

I needed a new exercise activity to complement my swimming. I had heard about Tri Energy from the inspirational super woman Jan Golding. I saw the C25K advert and in a rash moment signed up. I didn’t tell anybody what I’d done in case they laughed. I was a decent 100m runner at school but other than that had always been a ‘non runner’, and dreaded the circuits warm up which was usually running.

Coach Trina is familiar with the story that I almost bottled it on the first night. I was too old (then 54), too fat ,too slow and definitely didn’t look good in lycra.

I am so glad I did get over the car that first night, as it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Tell us about the support you’ve had on your journey so far.

I have received an unbelievable amount of support and encouragement so far – something that I’m not used to, but am very grateful for.

From week 1, Coach Trina has always been full of positivity for everybody regardless of ability. She believes in all her charges which in turn makes them believe they can do it. When I told her I had signed up for a half marathon, she didn’t say ‘you’re not ready for that yet’ , she said ‘ fantastic, what can I do to help ?’

At Tri Energy, I have learned that you are not judged on size, weight age or ability, everybody is treated by coaches and other members in the same positive way. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the next Paula Radcliffe or Mo Farah, everybody gets the same level of encouragement.

Coaches and members alike support each other, from the facebook comments and posts before and after events, the Strava giving of kudos to the Monday night pre training chat, where everybody compares notes and injury niggles from the previous weeks activity. This can be anything from a 5k fun run to a full marathon or Ironman.

I’ve also received support from my run buddies Jan and Dave who have allowed me to trot along behind them on their Wednesday night sessions. They also introduced me to Parkrun where again the level of support offered is truly amazing.

What inspires you and motivates you to keep going ?

Sounds cheesey, but joining Tri Energy has been life changing. For a number of years I have been receiving treatment for an anxiety condition. I would regularly make feeble excuses not to go somewhere and would have to prepare conversation topics in advance before enteing a social situation.  Not only has Tri Energy helped my physical well being, it has also had a massive impact on my mental health. Part of what keeps me going is not wanting to return to where I was 18 months ago.

When I see and hear what everybody at Tri Energy has done and is striving to do, it makes me believe that I can give it a go too. What the members of a small club in Stourport has achieved is truly amazing. Members inspire each other, at what ever level they participate. A year ago I would never have believed I could enter a half marathon let alone complete one. I am not of the Brownlee clan, but if I can do it, anybody can.

Last year, I was lucky enough to win the most improved runner award. I was incredibly flattered and overwhelmed by peoples reaction and continuing support and encouragement. This award has in itself has been a big motivation as I feel I now have a responsibility to justify the award. Afterall, it wouldn’t look good if the most improved runner became the most deteriorated ! Most Tri Energy runners are far better and quicker than me, but I hope that some of those who have not yet tackled a half marathon will think if she can do it, so can I.

What advice would you give anybody starting out ?

Believe – you can do it.

Listen to Trina and do what she says – it works.

Team up with a run buddy. I’m lucky to be able to join Jan and Dave for their IM training runs. Committing to meeting friends for a run means there is more chance you will go.

Sign up for Parkrun – they are not all as tricky as Wyre Forest and you can have coffee, cake and a chat afterwards.

You are not too old, too slow or too fat and some jazzy lycra will help.

Set yourself a goal or sign up for an event in a few months time. There are probably other Tri Energy members going – join them. In addition, it will take you to places you may not ordinarily visit and you will meet lots of new people.

Even if you are not the quickest, you are still faster than those sat at home who don’t exercise.

Enjoy it.

What have you got planned next ?

I have Coventry half marathon along with many other Tri Energy athletes in March, along with a triple 5k swimathon ( 5k on 3 consecutive days.).

Milton Keynes Marathon relay and Liverpool Rock n Roll half in May. As I lifelong Liverpool supporter, I’m hopeful that Jurgen Klopp and team will come and support me (in my dreams !!!!)

Later in the year I will be doing another 10k marathon swim in the Olympic pool.

I will be continuing with Parkrun having just completed number 50.

I fully expect many other events to enter the diary very soon. If only there were more weekends……

Well done Amanda….we can’t wait to continue your journey with you! 

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