Athlete of the Month ~ Adam

As the triathlon season really took over we have been extremely slack with awarding our Athlete of the Month awards; but we’re thrilled to reinstall them with a very deserving December winner…..Adam!!
Adam has been a great addition to the Team and has shown enormous improvements in his weakest discipline….the swim! He’s been hugely committed to our SwimFit course, really focussing on efficiency and technique and has really started pushing the pace at our Sunday night club swims too!
We caught up with Adam for a quick review of how he got started with us:
How did you first get involved with Tri Energy?
“I first got involved with Tri Energy as I’d trained for Ironman Wales and my weakest link was my swim – not so much the time but the energy spent doing it!!!  So I asked around and Ian Bell recommended the Swim Fit course to me. I had been swimming regularly for over 12 months but only swimming properly for about 8 weeks!!!” (We like to think that the techniques and tips learnt at swim fit enabled Adam to swim ‘properly’ 😉 )
What is your best achievement in triathlon?
My best achievement this year is finishing Ironman Wales. I trained for this to lose weight in January 2017 as I was 18 stone. So to finish was very special.
What are your goals for next year?
My goals for next year are to compete in same events and beat my time for all of them! I am also doing Ironman Wales again next year and there’s a dream for that too but I’ll see how the training goes first!!
What advice would you give to anyone starting out?
Ask for help!  Seek out a club to train with and where possible train with other people – they’ll keep you going!  I’d been told of how friendly a club Tri Energy was but you never really know until you do it and it’s all true with a genuine feeling from members and coaches wanting everybody to do well!  I will never ever forget one Sunday club swim a lady came along and she wouldn’t put her face in the water, the coaches worked with her and said something and within 40 minutes she had her face in the water doing lengths front crawl!!  Forget Ironman that’s true inspiration!!!!
What inspires you?
My inspiration was to prove people wrong! When I announced I wanted to do an Ironman and only one person believed me from the very beginning, well, that spurred me on more than anything!  I’m very competitive 🙈
Thanks Adam!! We wish you all the best with your winter training and can’t wait to see that swim time coming down again at Ironman Wales 2019!

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  1. Lindsey

    Adam you smash anything you put your mind too and I know swim wise these guys and gals are what you need love watching you grow it’s been amazing bring on Ironman Wales 2019

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