Athlete of the month ~ Steve

It’s been a busy month for the Tri Energy Crew with loads of fabulous accomplishments. Our runners from our latest running course all had a fantastic Graduation Run, lots of club members ventured out in the sunshine this weekend too for a friendly inter club Legends in Lycra match and it’s been a brilliant month to see people chipping away at their own fitness goals. This month our athlete of the month is the very worthy winner…Steve Smith! He was the dark horse of our Legends in Lycra event unleashing his new found swimming skills and taking on the bike route….more than once (on a borrowed too!)

How did you first get involved in swimming, cycling and running?

When I stopped playing football I needed something to do to try and keep fit. I decided to run and started when Park run started at Wyre Forest. My first Parkrun was so hard but I kept trying and slowly I started to improve. I have now knocked just under 10 minutes off my first time. I only started swimming and cycling with Tri Energy, I find these hard but I have started some swim training.



What’s your favourite session?

I really enjoy the track sessions as I have never run on a proper running track before. Everyone is so supportive and encourages me to go quicker. I love the atmosphere everytime I turn up to them. Although I hate the stretching and warm downs!!!

What’s been your best multi-sport achievement to date?

I have not really done any so I would have to say the last Legends in Lycra, where I did my fastest ever swim and had to do two bike rides. These really hurt. Luckily I had an amazing team who helped me through it.


What are your triathlon goals for the future?

I would love to do a triathlon and I am planning to in the near future, I need to up my training though if this is to happen.


What would you say to anyone wanting to have a go at triathlon for the first time? Any tips?

Come along and try it, this group is fantastic and everyone is made to feel welcome no matter what your ability is. There are a lot of experienced triathletes who are happy to give you some advice. Give it a go!!!


Your 2 daughters are also fabulous athletes; the question we all want to know is who is faster….you or Alice??

Definitely Alice, for her age she is far better than I am and in a couple of years she will be leaving me at parkrun. I will have to start cheating or grounding her when any running event is on!!!


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