Athlete of the month ~ Jay

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Beast from the East had prevented training and racing in the Tri Energy camp….but there’s no stopping them!!! And this month’s athlete of the month – Jay Didlick – was one of just 25 club members racing in the weekend’s Ludlow Aquathlon in freezing conditions! Although Jay admits he is a fair weather cyclist, he is clearly a hardcore aquathlete! With his wife just as talented at triathlon as Jay, and 2 small children, Jay certainly has plenty to keep him on his toes! We caught up with him this month on how his triathlon journey started!

Well done on your recent result at the Teme Leisure Aquathlon on Sunday. Did the race go to plan?

Thank you.  Yeah it did to be fair. My run is my strong point so the idea was to not get too excited in the pool, take it steady and leave enough in the tank to take on the run leg. I really enjoyed the run and managed to finish strong.

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