Athlete of the month ~ Faye & Charlotte

This month has been an incredible month for Tri Energy with more and more members joining, more people trying something new, more people achieving their personal goals and PBS, and 2 Tri Energy stars running fantastic marathons! It is those 2 marathon girls – Charlotte and Faye, that are our athlete of the month for April! Charlotte had entered the Manchester Marathon aiming for a Good For Age time, whilst Faye had entered the London Marathon to raise funds for local charity Wyre Forest NIghtstop. Read below about their training, how the event went, and their marathon tips!

Why did you decide to enter a marathon?

Faye: I entered the London marathon because I was asked. Wyre Forest Nightstop Director Judith Ford won a charity ballot space for the London Marathon and thought I would be well suited to having a go at completing the marathon due to my ongoing volunteering and my triathlon background. When I said yes it was a new challenge to get my teeth into. Plus I was doing it for a worthy cause and it wouldn’t be just another race… would be one to remember.

Charlotte: I decided to enter to get myself a Good For Age (GFA) time which is sub 3 hours 45 minutes. I wanted the challenge of being in the minority.

What was your marathon goal?

Faye: My marathon goal changed dramatically a few times. I was meant to race in 2017 however I got struck down with Glandular Fever, which for those who have ever had it, its an athletes worse nightmare. I felt so tired and my energy levels were very low, training was a no go. I had to defer my place on medical grounds. It also took out my triathlon racing that season. With this big set back I was determined to get back on it as soon as my body had recovered. I slowly built back up my running distance with a big help from Charlie my running buddy. My aim was to complete in 4:30hrs however on the day the weather had other ideas and it was extremely hot. I aimed to run the first half on target which I achieved and the last half was to just get home! I must have drank around 4 litres of water on the way round. Lots of people had to walk due to exhaustion. I had a race plan to drench myself at each water station and drink as much as I could, this helped me run the whole way round as I didn’t dehydrate or expose myself to heat exhaustion.

Charlotte: To achieve the Good for Age time (I now want a sub 3 hour 30!)

How did you fit your training in around triathlon training?

Faye: I found it hard to keep up swimming and cycling around my running which took priority. The winter months were getting the miles done. A marathon takes over not just your training but your social life, I had to plan and compromise on social events to make time for those long runs at the weekend. Now the marathon is over I can get back to triathlon specific training and have a beer or two.

Charlotte: It was relatively easy to fit the plan around triathlon training – the hard bit was fitting it around a recovering body post baby and working shifts!! I was struggling at times to juggle family life with the training as I needed a good solid 3/4 runs a week.


Charlotte before the Manchester Marathon

What’s your best bit of advice for anyone wanting to train for a marathon?

Faye: Don’t underestimate it. It is hard, it is mentally tough, it is a very long way to go. You must put in the time and the effort. You must plan and keep to it. Look after your body! Ensure you get regular sports massages, I am convinced this is the only reason I stayed injury free throughout my training. Believe in yourself, have a strong chat with yourself on the start line that you have got there and your ready to go. It is all worth it to cross the finish line the sense of achievement is like nothing else.

Charlotte: Set yourself a goal and believe in it! Get a diary and work out a plan which suits family life and social life. Make a note of everything – the good and the bad and remember…. there’s no such thing as a bad run!  

What’s next?

Faye: Rest! I have Highley Sprint Triathlon as my first race which I will just enjoy and use as a baseline for my further training. Plus plenty of coaching with club members which I really enjoy.

Charlotte: Next is to try and get a GB Age Group qualification at the Half Ironman….and survive my full Ironman in Barcelona ready for my GB Age Group Aquathlon Championships in Ibiza in October!! Then next year it will then be to smash a 3:30 marathon 🙂

Faye celebrating with a beer!

Faye celebrating with a beer!

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