Athlete of the month ~ Ellie

How did you get involved with Tri Energy?

This time last year I was feeling pretty unhappy with myself health and fitness wise.  I happened to watch a television documentary ‘Mind Over Marathon’.  A group of 10 unlikely runners, living with different mental health issues trained for the ultimate test of mind over matter, the London Marathon.  The runners took part as part of Heads Together, the campaign led by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry to help remove the stigma around mental health issues.  I decided that if they could achieve marathon running then the least I could do was have a go at C25K!  A friend told me about Tri-Energy run fit courses and I decided to sign up.

I enrolled on the first Tri Energy ‘Run fit’ course last May however didn’t complete it or graduate due to getting painful shin splints which put running on hold for a while.  I got back out there a few months later and struggled my way around the forest to get that graduation medal!  I have since completed a second running programme and now onto the third.  I have also completed and enjoyed the ‘Swim fit’ courses with the group which got me back in the pool and swimming after about 10 years!

What do you enjoy most about running/training?

It wasn’t so long ago that I didn’t even like running!  I mostly now love running and that it gives me ‘headspace’.  Getting outdoors really clears my mind and makes me feel good.  I like Mondays a lot better now as its training night and after a full-on day at work it’s just what is needed!  I have made many new friends within the Tri-Energy community and the encouragement and support of the coaches and other members is what gives me the belief that I can actually achieve my goals.  I love that Tri Energy is an inclusive club and that it is something I can share with my family.  One of the best things is to be able to share and enjoy sports activities with my children.  I have entered and enjoyed a few Dirt Runs this year and a charity swim event with my 7 year old son.

ellie and james

What’s been your best sporting achievement to date?

Completing the GoTri Perdiswell Triathlon last September and knocking 10 minutes off my initial Wyre Forest Park Run time this week with a PB of 35:47.


What are your sporting plans/goals for 2018?

In 2018 I am working on increasing my distances and speed.  I want to be fitter, faster and stronger.  I will complete my first aquathlon in February with a 10k run and then some team Triathlon events with the club in the months that follow.  I will also enter some more trail runs with my son and support him to enter his first multisport races.  I want to encourage my children to have a growth mindset, to step out of their comfort zones and have a go at things and I will do this by being a good role model to them.

ellie and james 2


What advice would you give to anyone thinking of getting involved in multisport?

To without a doubt do it!!!  Multisport brings a great sense of achievement and is a lot of fun.  Tri Energy has made a huge difference to my health and wellbeing and for that I thank Sam and the amazing Tri-Energy team.

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