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How life has changed since I last blogged about my own training and racing. I am now a Mum – YAY!!! It’s one of the best feelings in the world! I hand on heart love being a Mum, The Bobster is wonderful and brings so much joy each day. I wasn’t sure how much I’d miss training or racing – I certainly missed it during my pregnancy! Although I don’t miss those bleary eyed 6am swims and the foam rolling and ice baths – my new lifestyle is just as active as my old – albeit a lot less competitive! It’s important to me that Bobby enjoys being active and also enjoys the great outdoos. So he’s been my new partner in crime helping me on my comeback trail – which looks something like this –

Running with a buggy – I’m so lucky that Chris’s Mum & Dad treated Bobby and I to a running buggy! They wished us a wonderful time exploring together! I found running really really tough to get back into after complications from the labour but now running with the buggy is becoming second nature! Bobs is a great training partner – he keeps me company, chats away, sometimes sleeps, never runs off ahead and never tells me to run further! The old railway tracks and Wyre Forest are our fave training spots so far. We’ve had a near-miss when I nearly capsized him going over some particularly bumpy trails! But so far we’re loving it! To any new Mums out there wanting to run – I’d definitely recommend the Out N About Sport Nipper V4 (I’ll write a review on it soon!)

run with bobs 2 run with bobs 3 run with bobs 4

Cross Country & Park Run – sometimes I think racing yourself fit is a good plan – if you can handle being a million miles off the pace you used to run. I’m just so happy to be back running I don’t care if I’m bringing up the rear. Last month I ran my first cross country race in ages – 6km never seemed so far!! I finished 119th out of 154 – but loved it. I was just so pleased I didn’t walk! I’ve also been using the local park run as a way to get a few miles in and I’ve been loving doing this with friends – old and new. 

cross country run with bobs

Walking  – when running is too hard I’ve been walking. I see walking as a great way to get back into shape as it’s time on your feet without the impact of running. I’ve dragged some other yummy mummies on some 7 mile walks with me (thanks Fran & Olivia) and have been loving finding new routes and exploring new places.  With the colder days coming, as long as it’s dry, Bobby and I will just get the layers on and get outside!


The Bobster enjoying a hike in The Lake District

Buggyfit – My Buggyfit classes have started! I hold three classes a week in the Worcestershire area and so far they’ve been really good fun. We do a range of exercises from squats and lunges, to boxing and a bit of pelvic floor squeezing! Meeting other Mums along the way has been a real bonus and it’s great to see them with the same motivation and enthusiasm as I have!


Eat to compete – it’s no secret that during my pregnancy I put on 5 stone. I thought eating for 10 was hilarious….and I liked the idea of trying to put on as much weight as possible for a ‘fun’ challenge post-birth of trying to lose it all again. Not one of my smartest ideas! In June I weighed 90kg. After having Bobby I lost 8kg of that pretty quickly but then seemed to plateau and knew I was in for some hard work and perseverence. Now 4 months post-birth I weigh 73kg. There’s still a way to go to get back to where I want to be but slow and steady wins the race and I’m making consistent moves in the right direction.  I’m trying to fill my plate with lots of greens and snack and graze on healthy choices.  I came across a quote once that said “you are what you eat…don’t be cheap and nasty!” I quite liked that but I liked this quote more…


Training is a gift – back in April time elite duathlete Phil Wylie came to do a talk at our tri club.  He spoke about every training session being a gift. It really made me stop and think. Throughout 2014 I was obssessed with training data. I’d do a session and then analyse splits, or watts, or work out where I didn’t hit the target times.  I was ill throughout 2014 and should have stopped, but instead I ran harder, for longer, and then beat myself up about it. It really wasn’t enjoyable. Then throughout my pregnancy I longed to run, no matter how slow – but I just couldn’t. With that in mind, and Phil’s advice – it’s really made me see each ‘training session’ (if I can call it that), as a gift. To just enjoy it, and make the most of it when I can for as long as I can.

park run

Watching the Tri Energy Kids race and train week in week out with a smile on their face has taught me a lot about sport

Finding new challenges – I watched an interview with Nicola Spirig about returning to the sport after birth and she said she was a much more rounded person, she didn’t have time to dwell on bad results, and she was also using racing to do all the things she hadn’t done yet.  As quite a fickle person I’m surprised I stuck to triathlon for as long as I did, and even though I want to return to the sport, I want to (like Nicola) do all the things I haven’t done yet.   In a bit of a Google search I managed to find some things that sounded interesting like


  • Bogsnorkelling Triathlon – this event (the most unusual in the triathlon calendar) starts with an 8 mile run followed by 120 yareds snorkelling in a peat bog trench and a 12 mile mountain bike ride.  Open to inidividuals or teams of 3 (baggsy doing the snorkelling!)
  • Wife Carrying race – this race does exactly what it says on the tin. Your hubby picks you up and carries you, running as fast as he can to the finish line. I think this is a great idea to get out there and try something different, have a laugh, and you never know….it might even be good for your relationship!

In the end, after much deliberation I settled on the Breca Swim Run where teams of 2 complete a total of 6km of lake swimming and 38km of trail running including 1900m of vertical ascent and the infamous Honister pass (totalling 8 swims / 9 runs).  With a cut off time of 10 hours, and the swims being done in your trainers and the run in your wetsuit – I thought it was an event that I’d never forget! So after persuading my buddy Lenka to be my partner, we entered! We also managed to recruit another ladies team – our friends Sophie and Caroline – who we will go head to head with to avoid the wooden spoon prize!! I’ll keep you posted on our training; the event is next July.

The Breca Swim Run – Lenka and I are entered as ‘Tri Energy Mums’

Feeling inspired – watching the World Athletics this summer made me feel so inspired; especially after watching Jess Ennis-Hill win gold less than 18 months after giving birth. It shows it can be done! I’m not aiming for anything remotely on the same scale as Jess, but I would like to rekindle some sort of form as I had in the past.  In a funny way, another source of inspiration is my former self.  I’d love to ride a bike as fast as I used to, and run for as long as I used to.  Knowing that I’ve done it before, pushes and motivates me to do it again….but maybe have a little more fun along the way this time!

New PB’s – and of course everything I run now will be a new PBPB (Personal Best Post Birth!) I’ve never been on this venture before, I’ve never been so overweight or so unfit before, and I’m starting to realise just how long it’s going to take me but the best part of it is I’ll have Bobby right beside me, chuckling away and I want him to know that hard work pays off.

New Website – and finally, to capture both my personal and business ventures in sport I’ve moved away from my old blogspot website to this one here.  Feel free to have a look round – I hope you find it interesting and informative.  Happy Reading and Happy Training.


  1. Lisa

    Awesome read Sammy made me smile your an inspiration! look forward to yours and the Bobsters 2016 adventures x

  2. Pamiebabes

    Sammy Babes you are a truely inspiring woman. You make me smile as i read your blog as i can hear your voice with such excitement.
    You will get back to the racing days. Just enjoy time with Bobster as they grow up so fast xxxxx

  3. Dan

    Wonderful Post! I think what’s important is that before you decide to enter any sports, you must be prepared in all aspects (physically, emotionally, mentally and financially). In that way, you’ll have the road to fitness. Also, I have to emphasize the “Feeling inspired” note because this is also important. You have to be inspired and courageous so that you can be able to reach whatever fitness goal you desire.

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