Working with a good Coach can allow you to reach performance levels that you never thought possible. A coach makes you accountable for your training and is someone to talk to through the rough and the smooth! As committed and enthusiastic coaches we will plan structured, detailed session plans that carefully progress and adjust as you improve. Your sessions will be uploaded onto our coaching platform ‘Training Peaks’ which allows 2-way feedback, constant contact and enables us to review and assess each of your sessions.

Working with a coach allows you to focus your efforts on the actual sessions and lets us take care of the background planning and analysis. We will motivate you, encourage you and keep you on track to achieve whatever goal it is you’d like to achieve.

All athletes and their needs differ greatly; that’s why we’ve bundled up our packages so you can find the one that is right for you. Alternatively, please feel free to call us for a free chat with no obligations so we can help you get started.



Aimed at triathletes looking to take the guess work out of training!



  • Initial consultation
  • Premium account on Training Peaks
  • Basic account on Training Peaks
  • Feedback 2 x a week
  • Weekly turnaround on changes to training plan
  • 10% off group sessions

Aimed at athletes looking for real coach contact, education and custom built training plan



  • Initial consultation
  • Premium account on Training Peaks
  • Feedback 3 x a week
  • Daily turnaround on changes to training plan
  • General and race day advice on nutrition, strategy, and equipment
  • Periodised triathlon strength and conditioning plan included
  • 10% off group sessions

Aimed at the most driven athletes looking for real performance results



  • Initial consultation
  • Premium account on Training Peaks
  • Daily Feedback
  • Unlimited contact by phone, email or Training Peaks
  • Daily turnaround on changes to training plan
  • In depth education for nutrition, strategy, and equipment
  • Periodised triathlon strength and conditioning plan included
  • Ongoing reviews and goal setting with Coach
  • 15% off group sessions

Trust our potential to help you reach yours! Don’t just take our word for it….


“Transitioning to a new sport seemed really daunting but from the first meeting with Tri Energy, I was immediately put at ease. Their advise and coaching has helped me believe in my abilities in triathlon and their experience as triathletes really comes through with great tips and advice. This isn’t to mention their great attitude, they are truly inspirational and I’m looking forward to working with them as I continue in triathlon.” Becky, Worcester


“Sorry for the Oscar acceptance speech coming up….but thank you SO much for how you’ve supported and encouraged me and for your awesome plan. I have never really felt so prepared for an event; it made me really calm at the start. During the race I didn’t doubt the race plan at all, even when I was hurting – in fact the hurting made me know I was working hard enough!!” Fran, Hereford


“After joining my local triathlon club with no experience (or even a bike) I needed someone to show me the ropes of how to race well and competitively. Not only has Tri Energy made me stronger but coached me to my first standard distance triathlon which I only went and won!! Thank you Tri Energy!” Faye, Kidderminster


“I have been training and competing in triathlons for the last 3 years but had hit a brick wall. I contacted Tri Energy and with their help and encouragement, have definitely improved. I have started to enjoy training again; especially the swimming and running which were my weak points. Tri Energy’s help and encouragement has given me so much confidence, I couldn’t have done it without them!” Ian, Evesham


“Sam took the time to understand my goals, to encourage me but to ensure that they were ambitious!! Using the on-line planning and tracking app is really useful for me to plan and for us both to monitor and review progress. Sam has the most enthusiastic and supportive approach to coaching possible; who else would have got me to do a competitive 10k cycle ride when I had only ridden a bike twice before?!! Nonetheless, Sam also recognizes that life happens and things don’t always go to plan. She just re-plans and re-directs. What more could you ask for?” Jacqui, Blakedown


“Tri Energy’s coaching has really given each and every workout I do a purpose and the structure really helps to plan my week around my other commitments and family life. Having a 1-2-1 coach adds some extra accountability and impetus to get yourself out the door on a dreary evening. I enjoy having someone along for the journey, being there to celebrate success and most importantly picking up the pieces and getting me back on track when something goes wrong.” Kara, Stourport


“Sam has a lot of knowledge and an infectious enthusiasm for triathlon. With her encouragement, and her setting of varied training sessions, I’ve built on my fitness and been able to maintain a higher level of training despite an already-busy schedule. And Sam’s approach works – I am thrilled that I’ve recently taken 20 minutes off my time at a Sprint Tri compared with the same event last year when I was going it alone.” Alex, Worcester


“After a successful year in triathlon in 2017 and completing my first middle distance Ironman. I set my mind on full distance Ironman, I knew this was going to be a bit more of a challenge so I thought it would be good idea to get some expert help. Sam  is a great coach, she has so much passion and drive she almost makes the training sound easy, but it’s not easy. Sam is always bubbly, fun and a joy to be around as well as train with. Don’t be fooled by her bubbly fun side, she knows her stuff and can be a hard task master. After an initial consultation with Sam to discuss my plans and goals, Sam Set out to work on my plan. The plan was set out over a few months with varying training each day, always swimming, biking or running but different sets to stop it getting boring.  The plan was designed to build my base level of fitness and over a period of months, without pushing too hard to cause injury. Building the level of fitness was important for me, at the start it almost seems impossible to be able to complete and Ironman in one go. It can be easy to lose motivation if you only focus on the end game, rather than the day to day training that is building to the big day. Using Training Peaks Sam was able to check on my progress and fatigue levels to adjust my plan where required. This was a great platform for the training as I was able to monitor my results as well as Sam. I would comment on how I felt and Sam would motivate me to ensure i didn’t slack off. Having up to the minute data on my training and comments how I felt meant Sam could make fine adjustments to the plan where required.  The personal touch is also great with Sam, she is always free for a call to discuss the plan and help motivate when things were getting tough. Being part of the club also made training a little easier, meeting likeminded people and having people to train with who are on the same journey. There is always someone training and a little competition helps push that little harder.  And did the plan work, hell yes! it made the day seem almost easy, my swim and bike were very smooth, run was tough but I was expecting that and I still finished over an hour faster than expected. I can’t recommend Sam enough she is a great coach and motivator to help achieve your triathlon goals.” Steve, Kidderminster

Meet our 1-2-1 coaches

Sam Anderson | Award Winning Coach | Former British & European Tri Champ
Charlotte Hewer | British Triathlon Coach | Ironman Athlete | GBR Athlete
Katrina Marks | Running Coach | Triathlete
Chris Morris | British Triathlon Coach | Time Triallist


Our 1-2-1 swim analysis includes use of a private 25m lane. You will receive a full hour of 1-2-1 coaching that focuses on analysing your current stroke, highlight and spotting errors in your swimming technique and then correcting and improving your swim efficiency. Technique is a key part of improving your swim speed so avoid practising bad habits time and time again by allowing us to put you back on track.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Hour of one to one training
  • Analysis of technique
  • Swim efficiency feedback
  • Personalised drills
  • Video analysis with homework
  • Personalised swim plan moving forwards

COST: £50


“In the  swim coaching sessions I have had so far with Sam, my confidence and technique have hugely improved, beyond recognition from the start point. Sam has a wide range of techniques to support you, to enable you to feel safe and to help you learn. I have now booked my first triathlon and am working on improving my style and time by race day. Sam’s coaching is invaluable in steadily building on my progress, keeping me focused and reminding me to believe in myself.”

Jan | Kidderminster


“Thank you so much Sam for another brilliant swim session.  I always come away with increased confidence. I love the way you break the swimming technique down into smaller chunks that all fit together.  I love my new swim drills, they are fun to do and I can really feel the difference already”

Jo | Hartlebury


“I feel like these sessions have really helped me make a step change in swimming and I’m really pleased with it so thanks for your support”

Mark | Kidderminster


“I had a 1-2-1 swim analysis recently with Charlotte. I was impressed at how thorough she was, filming my stroke above water and underwater from 4 angles in a dedicated swim lane. There was time go through the footage together straight away, and Charlotte identified the areas of my stroke that I could work on for the greatest benefit and came up with a series of drills to address these areas. It was useful to be able to try out drills there and then to make sure I was doing them correctly. Her immediate feedback and different ways of explaining things were excellent. Charlotte followed up our session with an e-mail containing details of the drills and had put together a couple of bespoke training sessions showing how I could continue working on these areas. This was an extremely useful session and I would definitely recommend it to others. At first I thought it was an expensive luxury, but having now done the session I can see what good value for money it is. It fulfilled my expectation and then some. I’m already saving up for a second session where I hope to see improvements after the hard work!” Alex, Worcester


“Worth every penny!!!”

Dan | Coventry


“I wish I met Sam years ago. At the age of 38 I could barely swim a length and certainly couldn’t put my face in the water, I thought I was a lost cause! Now a few months later I am swimming up to 2500 meters with my face in the water and competing in official swimming events! Sam has a very calm and encouraging nature and makes you feel so at ease. I have gone from fearing water to thoroughly enjoying swimming – I am now even tackling open water under Sam’s watchful eye, Her knowledge and experience in invaluable – I cannot recommend her enough!”

Katrina | Kidderminster


“Thank you Sam for giving me the confidence to get back in the water! I thought at 60 years old it was probably too late to get over my nerves but thanks to your kindness, knowledge and experience I have now ventured back into the pool and can even swim under water for the first time in many years. I will recommend your services without hesitation! Thank you so much!”

Sue | Kidderminster


The 1:1 swim analysis with Charlotte was incredibly useful. To see videos of your swim stroke certainly highlights where you can improve. The drills completed in the session had an immediate effect and the homework you go away with certainly makes the session worth the investment.

Carole | Kidderminster


“I just wanted to say a very big thank you for our 1-2-1 swimming sessions. The improvement that I have made over the past 6 months is down to you motivation, experience and patience with someone that is not a natural in the water. Thanks to your expert coaching I am now looking to break 6 minutes for 400m as well as compete in an Ironman 3.8km open water swim – neither of which was possible before our sessions! I wholeheartedly recommend your professionalism, knowledge and passion for swimming, without which I would still be battling to complete a few lengths! Thank you!”

Tom | Alveley


“I can thoroughly recommend the 1-2-1 swim coaching, the video analysis was fascinating as you never see yourself swimming from this angle, and backed up by knowledgeable feedback and good tuition on where to alter your technique from the qualified coach, a great learning experience and one I will certainly be repeating!”

Ian | Kidderminster

Our 1-2-1 swim coaches are Sam and Charlotte. Drop us a message to book your slot now, whatever your ability or goals.


Whether you’re a front of the pack swimmer to an open water newbie, we can help you gain confidence, develop specific open water skills and improve your swim speed through our open water swim clinics. These sessions are a personalised 1-2-1 swim service, lasting 60 minutes. Each session is tailored to your specific needs and cover a range skills. If you’re looking for improving your open water sessions as part of a group; please check our group sessions for more information.


What’s Included:

  • Full 60 minutes of coaching
  • Coach in the water with you
  • Swim technique pointers
  • Sighting/navigating skills
  • Turning around buoys
  • Entering and exiting the water
  • Drafting techniques
  • Race Starts
  • Race Tactics
  • We will also provide you with a full written summary following your session.

COST £60


“I never thought I’d swim more than 2 lengths of a pool never mind laps of a lake! Sam’s patience is amazing. She encouraged me to take on open water swimming – something which terrified me – and I’ve since gone on to race a number of half-ironman events. She would swim alongside me, demonstrate good technique, talk to me about coping strategies, whatever it was I needed, she could do. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sam to anyone looking to improve.”

Jan | Bewdley


“Open water swimming was one discipline I really wanted to try, but was too daunted to go on my own, by going with a small group, with Charlotte leading it gave me confidence to give it a go, the coach went through and demonstrated elements of OW swimming such as turns, sighting etc in manageable chunks and I really benefited from the experience!”

Ian | Kidderminster


“My first ever open water swim (if you don’t count holidays messing about in the Mediterranean Sea) was amazing. I didn’t even have a wet suit but the water was warm enough in August. It was a small group, so we had plenty of individual coaching and  practiced some drills.  I wouldn’t class myself as a strong swimmer but at Top Barn you’re not out of your depth. I learnt a lot in the session and felt much more at ease and confident than I’d expected too, thanks to the enthusiasm and support of Charlotte. Would highly recommend.”

Carole | Kidderminster

1-2-1 Run Plans

Whatever your running training goals, experience or ability, here at Tri Energy we’re passionate about helping you achieve! Our England Athletics Coach Katrina, is now delighted to be able to offer personalised 1-2-1 run plans to help you complete that first 10km or half marathon, or run that PB. Contact us to find out more.


What’s Included:

  • A full initial consultation
  • A thorough running technique assessment
  • Bespoke training plan set around your work and life commitments
  • Feedback on sessions
  • Detailed sessions with target pace
  • Advice and support along the way

COST varies per plan


“I approached Katrina because I wanted to take my running to the next level, She put together a personalized training plan for myself, I have now gone from running once a week with aching legs for most of the week to quite happily running 3 times a week. I liked how personal and knowledgeable Katrina is, every question I ask her she knows the answer to it, I’ve found everything she has asked me to do manageable and well planned and I feel I can push myself alot more with the support she gives me. I would 100% recomend one of Katrina’s training plans the differences are amazing and for anyone looking to take there running up a gear this is the perfect place to start ”

Mark | Hartlebury