Jai Evans

Swim Coach | Total Immersion Master Coach
Endurance Swimming
Swim Speed prep
Swim Technique
Open water swimming
Stroke efficiency
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Hi I’m Jai and from time to time I come and coach the Tri Energy Kids Swimming Sessions as a Guest Coach. I’ve also recently hooked up with Tri Energy to start offering group open water days that include a seminar session, full swim analysis in the lake including use of our under water swim camera, open water skills and drills, and a review of the video content.

I have been a full time swim coach for nearly 20 years and have also been a Total Immersion Master Coach for 15 years after training in New York – there are only two qualified Total Immersion Master Coaches in the whole of the UK!

I specialise in stroke mechanics and ensure people develop the right technique to swim efficiently and fast. A large part of my experience has been teaching children of all ages and abilities, right up to national finalists, and I pride myself on making sure the children I teach develop the right technique from the very start.

I am a very keen open water swimmer myself completing many swims including Ullswater, Coniston, Windermere and will soon be attempting the English Channel as a solo. I have also taken part in many triathlons over the years up to half iron distance, but I do so much swimming nowadays that my biking and running is slower than it’s ever been!

Facts about Jai Evans -
Founder of Swim Station
Total Immersion Master Coach
Trained in New York
Long Distance Swim Addict